Transitional Preschool

30 months – 36+ months

Our transitional preschool room is for older twos and younger threes. This room prepares children for preschool in the coming years. Our classroom provides plenty of opportunities for continuing to develop language and cognitive abilities, as well as physical domains. This class also works on social skills that are developing at this point. Cooperative play is encouraged as well as individual exploration. Our specially designed curriculum covers all the developmental domains (physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive) as well as offering diversity and multicultural education. Our curriculum prepares children for preschool with working on fine motor skills (pincer grasp, holding crayons), colors, shapes, and introduction to the alphabet. Your child will also begin working with puzzles, stackable blocks, and other manipulatives. Great care is taken to ensure a smooth transition into preschool at a time when both parents and teachers have determined that they are ready to move forward. Potty training is a key factor at this point in development and the teachers work closely with parents to help during this difficult time. Cleanliness and safety are very important to our teachers, so strict cleaning policies are followed. All of the teachers who work in the transitional preschool room are certified in CPR and first aid, as well as medication administration.