Infants / Waddlers

6 weeks – 16 months

The most important aspect of caring for infants is making sure that their basic needs (feeding, changing, and sleeping) are met. Once basic needs are met, infants have ample opportunity for exploring the world around them. Exploring occurs through sensory experiences and motor skill development. We encourage the forming of connections and the imitation of actions through music, singing songs, learning about ourselves, and recognizing family members. We will also work on developing language skills and creating new sensory experiences with fun sights, sounds, tastes, and smells. Infants learn best when they feel comfortable and safe. Our infants room provides a nurturing, warm, and happy environment where caregivers will cuddle, play, and rock your baby to ensure a calm, caring atmosphere. We ensure that the room is clean and well maintained, with each crib and toy being sanitized daily. A thorough diaper-changing process is followed each time a diaper needs to be changed. Cribs are never shared and private cubbies allow the storage of food, bottles, and clothing for your baby. Pumpkin Patch follows the national and state standards for safe sleep practices. All of the teachers who work in the infant room are certified in CPR and first aid, as well as medication administration.