16 months – 24 months

Our toddlers room provides a safe, comfortable area for growing children to explore their world. We provide a variety of educational toys, such as stacking toys, trains, cars, and other kid-friendly imitations of real-life objects. This is the age where we see huge strides in language and motor development. Our staff work to aid your child in developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills through simple puzzles, art supplies, and books. We encourage improvement of these skills while keeping a close eye on safety. Our toddler curriculum is specially designed to encourage development in the five domains: physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive. Parents are encouraged to be involved; we provide a copy of our curriculum for the coming week in each room, as well as daily information sheets for each child. Health and safety are important, so toys and classrooms are sanitized daily. All of the teachers who work in the toddlers room are certified in CPR and first aid, as well as medication administration.