3 years – 4 years

The threes room is the beginning of our preschool program. Our goal is to continue to foster curiosity and play. Our preschool teachers work to develop core concepts that are going to be taught in schools. Our threes program prepares children for the reading, writing, and math programs that are offered in the fours room. Teaching routines is important at this age, so daily routines are developed with the children. Motor skills are becoming more refined and our activities work to promote that as well as offering ample outdoor discovery time. Children are taught the alphabet through the recognition of letters as well as beginning how to write. Numbers and number recognition are also taught. We use the Handwriting without Tears program for teaching early writing techniques. Other activities include scientific exploration, art, music, rhythm, and a Spanish curriculum. Transition times can be particularly difficult for this age group, so teachers work closely with the children to prevent any unneeded frustration or anxiety. Fun, engaging, brightly colored environments provide children with plenty of guided opportunities to learn, grow, and explore using age-appropriate materials. Our curriculum, weekly topics, and daily art activities are posted to keep parents informed. All of the teachers who work in the threes room are certified in CPR and first aid, as well as medication administration.