4 years – 5 years

Our fours classroom is the last stop in our pre-k program. Here is where children get down to business in preparing for kindergarten, as well as giving plenty of time for play and exploration. Four-year-old children look forward to trying new things and letting their imaginations run wild. We encourage self-help skills at this age group (such as putting on coats by themselves). We build upon the foundations set by the threes room and continue to work on letter writing, math, and reading. Teaching the children phonics, through the Frontline Phonics program, aids in early literacy. Our toys are age appropriate and encourage group play, scientific exploration, math, and make-believe play. We also include a Spanish curriculum for early language learning. The four-year-old children are incredibly mobile and energetic, so plenty of outdoor play time is offered. This program offers an introduction to the structure of a kindergarten classroom along with new and exciting toys to help expand young minds. Weekly topics, letters, numbers, and curriculum are posted clearly in the room. Parent and children get involved in the classwork at home by having weekly “show-and-tell” topics matching to the themes or to specific letters. Conferences are offered in the spring and fall times to keep parents updated on their child’s progress and decide the right time for your child to enter kindergarten. At the end of the year, the children celebrate their accomplishments with a pre-k prom as well as a graduation ceremony. All of the teachers who work in the fours room are certified in CPR and first aid, as well as medication administration.